Use Cases

Build Planning

Organize your code release cycles / builds. Create public hashtags signifying release dates and divide product roadmap according to them.

Prioritize tasks within builds by drag-drop.

Move tasks from one build to another build by drag-drop.

Screenshot of a build plan

Better Checklists

Use Tasks tab to build all kinds of checklists.

Categorize checklists using Private / Public tags.

Assign each task to the respective person responsible for checking out of that particular item.

Screenshot of Checklist

Better Meetings - Scheduling

Drop #time to any thread and set a meeting instantly by choosing a date-time. Meeting will be set up for people contained in that thread.

If the time isn't suitable to any participant, she can just click on this date-time to reset it. All people will be auto-updated of this change

We auto-remind all recipients when a meeting is due - 1 day prior and 1 hour prior.

Screenshot of Meeting Scheduling Mechanism

Better Meetings - Flow

Do you still use to float the archaic Minutes of Meeting and fire mails to relevant people regarding each task discussed in that meeting, after the meeting? Not anymore.

Just create a hashtag (say, #meetingx). While meeting is in progression, in #meetingx view, note down all tasks in Tasks tab (just like you do on an excel) and all open discussions in Threads tab.

Assign due dates to relevant tasks and threads.

Screenshot of Meeting tag

Better Reminders

Need to get reminded of deadlines every now and then? We are here for you.

Drop #time on a particular thread (which you need to get reminded on).

Got a timestamp popup? Now choose 'Private' tab and set the due date-time only visible to you.

We will auto-remind you 1 day and 1 hour before this date-time is due.


Screenshot of private reminders

Better Research

Use the Shares tab to get research done.

Just found a new thing which can be explored for consideration / implementation? Post it in Shares tab.

Drop relevant people from right panel into this Post.


Screenshot of Shares Tab composer

Better Knowledge Management

File sharing made easy. Forget attaching files to each email. Just drag files into relevant threads.

Each thread (or task or share) serves as a repository of files related to that issue, completely searchable anytime.

Screenshot of attachments

Bug Tracking

Use #bugs tag as a full-fledged bug tracking tool.

Users attach #bugs to any thread they think is a bug. After dev team vets the bug, it drags that thread to Tasks tab (which is a log).

Dev team can also tag bugs as #urgent or #later or under build-specific hashtags to prioritize.

Screenshot of #bugs


Make hashtags according to customer's state / stage - #highvalue, #unsatisfied, #newonboard etc. - complete categorization.

Make one thread per customer (or can use tasks tab too). Now all conversation and files with one customer remains at one single place.

Set public timestamps to perfect your customer response time.

Customer thread keeps getting assigned to different employees as per his demands and nature of work.

Update your customers on new products / launches even if they don't use Comtify. Just create an post in Shares tab and tag your customers.


Screenshot of CRM tags

Better Candidate Management

A handy tool in managing job applicants. Create one thread per candidate.

Conversation with candidate to be recorded in a thread in Threads tab, which can be dropped in Tasks tab once the candidate falls in funnel (pipeline).

Categorize candidates by creating hashtags based on stage of process [#round1 (cleared first round), #initiated (conversation initiated) etc.] or on response pending [#followup or #critical or #pendingresponse etc.] or on candidate source [#firm1, #linkedin etc.] or by profile [#product, #java, #frontend etc.]

Perfect your candidate response time using #time date-times.

Screenshot of candidate list

Better Academic Collaboration

We provide special teacher accounts for this specific use case. Professors broadcast assignments and students get them as individual threads. Can be timed to indicate deadlines.

Students interact amongst each other by creating threads.

Hashtags can be created batchwise or subjectwise or in any other manner.

Screenshot of university assignment use case

Remote Team Management

Comtify reduces meetings and calls within your team and it becomes extremely easy to manage team members sitting miles apart.

Divide work in deliverables, share knowledge, discuss items - everything from remote nodes.

At the same time, get a visual feel of your team in right panel of the app, all the time.

Screenshot of team in right panel

Lead Management, Dealflow Management

Create one thread per lead / deal.

Categorize in public hashtags by stages (#acquired, #paymentdue, #firstcontact, #duediligence etc.) or location etc.

Drag leads (threads) to another hashtag once the stage / state changes. Assignees for threads keep getting changed as stages change.

Stay tuned for our integration with Google Sheets to enable you enter more columns of data on each lead.

Screenshot of deal flow

Vendor Management

Your vendors can also use Comtify for free. Once they signup, they use Comtify just like you do.

Privacy concerns? You can rest assured as we follow To-cc logic of email so that no extra data is shared with them. Our public hashtags also spread through threads so that everyone doesn't get to see all of the public hashtags (but only the ones tagged to threads shared with those users).

Screenshot of vendor management in progress

Editorial Story Management

Very useful for journalists and editors. Build a story as a thread, while taking input from others therein.

Share new ideas using Shares tab.

Assign stories your team has to work on using Tasks tab.

Make public tags out of events viz., #trump, #fifa and organize stories.


Screenshot of deal flow

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