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Powerful Threading

Organize issues in threads - kind of super-email-threads. Have a healthy discussion therein.

Toggle 'To' and 'cc' in real-time. Change subject in realtime.

Cross yourself out of a thread to leave it (Remember telling others to remove you from an email thread?).


Screenshot of a sample thread

Task Management & Knowledge Sharing

Still use excel sheets to track work and update status of each task everytime? Not anymore. Create Tasks, assign them to people and digitize the process of file movement from one desk to the other.

Share knowledge in Shares tab - your private social network.

Screenshot of Tabs

Thread Scalability

Once the discussion is final in Threads tab, drag the same thread to Tasks tab to make it a task! This preserves the whole message history too.

Similarly, drag Shares to other tabs: drag threads from any tab to any tab.

Screenshot of Public Tags

File Sharing

Attach files to threads without limits.

Drag #attachments, use thread menu or directly drag files from your desktop to attach.

Google Drive, Dropbox integrations coming soon!

Screenshot of file attachments in comtify

Your Projects - Public Hashtags

Your threads, tasks and shares fall into projects, also called Public Hashtags. They let you manage upto 5000 issues at one moment from a single page!

Use Public Tags in different ways: group issues, plan builds, group customer types, track applicants, build funnels or just use them as markers.


Screenshot of Public Tags

Smart Sort-Search

We automatically prioritize threads for you. We know that 'Unread' threads should always show on top and that 'To' is more important than 'cc' (remember 'Priority Inbox' in email clients?).

Drag-drop to set task priority and plan your day seamlessly.

Screenshot of Sort Settings panel

Inbuilt Hashtags

Inbuilt Hashtags pack-in the most powerful features you might not have seen elsewhere.

See threads grouped by To, cc etc. in one click.

See all threads with attached files (#attachments). Pin threads to see them grouped in #pinned.

Organize privately by creating Private Hashtags.


Screenshot of hashtags panel


Click on users to filter threads in which those users are involved. Hover on users and get their full details.

Right-click on users to dig deeper into all issues they are working on, started by them, posted in by them.

Screenshot of hover menu

Calendaring, Scheduling, Reminding

Schedule meetings in 2 clicks - get over with Google Calendar! If someone is not satisfied with set time, let them change it in a click. So no to-and-fro of emails to schedule a suitable time.

Get auto-reminded when dates are due.

Set private date-time as well as public date-time simultaneously on threads.


Screenshot of Timestamp Chooser

Full action support

Drag drop anything into everything - users into threads, tags into threads, threads into tags, threads into tabs.

Right-click on anything to get more options. Hover to get more options.

Full keyboard support

Screenshot of drag in progress

Secure and Stable

We take good care of your data. Our tech frameworks are inherently secure. We use the same SSL which is also used by your bank.

Our continuous load testing, dogfooding and monitoring ensures that the system remains totally stable at all times.


Https security

Resemblance with Email

Interface resembles email, you get started real fast.

#inbox, #drafts, #unread, #archive - to be used just like your email folders.

Logic of 'To' and 'cc' copied from email and superimposed for Tasks and Shares too.

Screenshot of gmail folders


Hover on anything inside the app and get help on that topic right there at top-right corner.

Full-fledged documentation available in the form of User Guide

Still need support? Create a thread with @support right from the app and ask!


Info Snippet

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