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What is Comtify?

Comtify is a highly versatile communication tool, both for work and personal use. It's like you control your to-dos, discussions, chats, bug trackers, team information, file sharing infra, calendars and a lot more things from a single page!

How can you offer this for free?

We believe best software in the world is free. Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter - are all best quality products, free for the user. So free does not mean cheap and free definitely does work.

Currently we generate revenue by providing on-premise deployment for a select group of customers. We are also looking at white-labeling as one of the revenue sources.

But you can rest assured that using this software online is completely free, with no limits at all on the number of users, data volume or usage. You can invite any number of people (not restricted to your own team, but even outside of it) or upload as many files.

It's truly 100% free.

No, really. What are the limits?

There are none! Add as many users as you like, attach as many files as you need. In fact, we don't even follow the logic of adding your team separately. You can add as many people you like, be it your clients or vendors.

How exactly do I get the benefits listed on your homepage?

This is what Comtify does for you:

- Reduces your communication volume,

- Reduces your number of phone calls and meetings,

- You find everything at one place,

- Reduces mismanagement so that you be in control at all times.

Do I have to download anything?

No! Comtify is a completely cloud-based web-app and you just need a web browser, that's it. Please use 'Login with Google' option on homepage to get inside instantly.

What's your connection with Email?

Comtify is a standalone web-app and has no connection with email as of now. But we do plan to integrate with Email in the near future.

How do I invite my team?

On Signing up, you get a button in the right panel saying 'Invite my Team'. Click it, type the Emails of your friends which will send them an invitation link. Now when they sign-up using that link (which would mean that they start getting visible in your right panel), you just have to create one thread, tagging all your team members into it so that they start seeing each other in their right panels. Or, tag us (@support) in a thread and we'll do that for you.

What are threads?

At the core of Comtify are 'Threads' - a chain of messages that you create to have discussion around an issue. Now Comtify uses threads in different ways:

Threads: This can be compared to email threads, but much more advanced in terms of functionality and speed.

Tasks: Threads represented as rows of excel sheets. Do you use excels to make to-dos / plan out work? Perfect for you!

Shares: Facebook / Yammer for your organization to share knowledge or have light discussions.

What's more, you can turn one thread from one form to the other by a simple drag-drop!

Does data in these threads get visible to all?

No! We value our privacy, which is reflected in each aspect of functionality. For example,

Threads (or tasks or shares) are visible only to the people who are tagged in To and cc in those threads, just like in emails.

People you add / invite to Comtify are only visible to you, not to each other. They would be visible to each other only when you create a mutual thread including the people you want should see each other.

Similarly, even Public Hashtags don't get visible to all right from start. Only once they are attached to a thread, that they start getting visible to people (only) marked in that thread.

What's your uptime?

Comtify is hosted on Amazon's servers. So no reason to worry on this part.

How secure is my data? What about backup?

We at Comtify take your data security very seriously. The app uses cutting-edge technologies to protect your data, which includes SSL and Cloudflare. We also use frameworks that are extremely secure. We also backup your data from time to time. Also, we don't use your data to monetize or target ads - we have no plans on that. Read more about this here.

What's your connection with Email?

Comtify is a standalone web-app and has no connection with email as of now. But we do plan to integrate with Email in the near future.

Can't find your answer here? Just tag @support in a thread from within the app and let us help you!

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