Six Things you can Drag in COMTIFY to make your Life Easy

 Last Updated: August 19, 2016

 August 19, 2016


While using Gmail, I always had an itch - why doesn't it allow me to drag things into each other? At that time - which was a long time back - I really felt that extensive drag-drop features would have actually added value to my workflow. Though for some part, it has already taken care of. Still, gaps remain. 

In a web based interface, there's a specific set of user inputs that can be utilized. 

List of user inputs for a web app - click, right click, double click, drag and hover.

Though COMTIFY uses all these to ease your life, let's talk about the drag operation first. 

Here's how you can use the drag-drop feature in COMTIFY, that would change your life for the better:

1. User into a thread

Need to add users into threads (or tasks or shares)? Just drag user pictures from COMTIFY's right panel. Here's how:

drag and drop a user into comtify's thread

If you compare this with email chains, it is a perfect win. You don't have to fire extra messages just to include more people into a chain. This simply means less messages to read in a thread. So basically it reduces your communication volume to a certain noticeable extent.

2. Hashtag into a thread

This is how you apply hashtags to threads. Simply drag and drop hashtags from right panel into threads and you're done:

drag-drop hashtags into comtify's threads or tasks or shares

This attaching of hashtags solves many use cases. 

First, it lets you group threads into specific types. This is like full-fledged Project Management, with hashtags being projects. 

Second, your central panel is prioritized according to hashtags. This means that while you attach hashtags to threads, you are telling COMTIFY about the importance of that thread. We take that input and throw the thread at the top / bottom / middle accordingly. 

Third, as a few hashtags inherently contain powerful features, you get to use them. For example, attaching #time will open a timestamp popup to let you set meetings and due dates instantly. Similarly, #attachments lets you attach files as soon as you drop it on a thread. Cool right?

3. Thread onto a hashtag

This is another method of making a thread-hashtag connection. Just reverse of the previous point.

Just drag a thread (or a task or a share) onto a hashtag in left panel. And you are done!

Note that this won't detatch the hashtag which is the current view, but only adds the new one that is dropped. [What, you want to change this? Let us know in comments below!]

4. Thread onto another tab

So you want to see a thread as a task - which is the format of an excel sheet? Cool, just drag it:

drag drop threads to other tabs in comtify

Similarly, you can drag a task to any other tab or a share to any other tab. 

Remember, this kind of tab change is not just a flag, but it also completely changes the interface of your thread.

So in Shares tab, the thread looks like a Facebook share. In Tasks tab, it looks like a row of an excel sheet / Google sheet.

5. Task drag for prioritization

Only in Tasks tab, you can drag tasks towards top or bottom to prioritize them or rank them in any order.

task drag and drop resulting in better priorization and productivity

Use this to set priorities in a project or in the tasks you have to work on or in a certain specific hashtag view.

6. Files

Yes, you can drag and drop files from your desktop into threads (or tasks or shares) to attach them.

Alternatively, you can drag and drop #attachments tag from the left panel onto a thread. This will open the file attachment popup for you to choose a file and attach. 

this is a horizontal line


What do you think? Have any other ideas for drag? Do let us know in comments!

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