How can I Leave an Email thread?

 Last Updated: August 19, 2016

 August 19, 2016


This was one of the major problems which led us to build COMTIFY.

So there's this long reply-all email chain going on at your workplace, in which you are cc'ed too.

Somehow you hoped that you had not been a part of it. Have you felt it? Seems like some of us have (see here too). Some of us get hyper:

angry due to reply all emails

Now there can be multiple reasons for this like:

1. Incorrect Tagging

My face when I get copied on an email that has nothing to do with me and I don't give a shit about

You are wrongly tagged in this email chain as starter of this email thread did not know who would be the right person to execute this job.

2. Too much conversation

too many emails in the mail thread

You are tagged in cc, which means you had to be kept aware of this issue. But the number of mails pouring into this chain is so huge so that you would want to leave it if you had an option.

3. Gradual redundancy

Initially, the mail chain was relevant to you as some part of the thing was to be addressed by you, which you did long back. Now the chain is revolving around certain issues you don't identify with.

4. Relevancy Lost

You are a part of the mailing list to which the first email of this chain was sent. Now this other team member has already taken charge of this issue, making the chain as a whole irrelevant for you.

So you are unnecessarily bearing the brunt of all the messages under this mail thread.

Also, you can't send an email begging people not to include you the next mail onwards as either that won't look good on your part or you're not sure whether the next reply would be on your mail or on the mail preceding your mail (in which case, your effort will go unnoticed and you still will keep getting further mails in the chain). Still, you can try it out.

But here's what actually happens:

please dont reply to all graph

We, at COMTIFY, have thought of a unique way to address this issue, that actually works.




In the meanwhile, what about you? Have you been successful in tackling the above all by yourself? Let us know in comments.

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