5 Ways in which you can mess it up on an Email Chain

 Last Updated: August 19, 2016

 August 19, 2016


Did you ever mess it up on an email thread? With 20 people in cc?

We have, a lot! .. and had our own moments:


If you go through the below, you at least might realize (if you never did so) of what you have done / were doing all this time.

Thank us later!

1. 'OK' Messages

Hitting reply-to-all and typing 'Ok' as a response to a previous comment.

Is it seriously 'Ok' with all the guys in cc to open your 'Ok'? Nopes!

On the contrary, they might be building not-so-good feelings for you:

angry on emails

2. Unnecessary Followups

Asking an update from a guy sitting at your arm's length, by hitting Reply-all.

I mean, seriously?

Is your real intent to get work done, or is it to tell the world that the guy hasn't done the work? Might describe your exact intention to be something like:

he has not done it

So give it a rethink before you do this!

3. Starting a one-one conversation

The mail chain starts to look like a personal chat, visible to everybody. And everyone's like:

what the fuck

4. Washing dirty linen in public

It's not always better to fight in front of everyone right? Worse, it could well look something like this:

bull fighting

The only harm this causes is that it gives out wrong vibes to people not just about your opponent, but about your character too (however correct your PoV might be). So always better to think twice before doing this mistake. 

5. Some Specific Reply-inciting Chains

Happy Birthday threads, Thank You threads and other threads in which everybody makes a same / similar reply keeping everyone in loop. In such a situation, how would it be if everyone used the sweet Reply option instead of Reply-all? Better right?

Always prefer Reply over Reply-all for sending these: a 'Thank You', a 'Happy Birthday' greeting or a simple acknowledgement like 'Okay!'


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Can you think of more such goofups? Do comment and let us know. 

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