5 Ways by which COMTIFY reduces your Communication Volume

 Last Updated: August 19, 2016

 August 19, 2016


Ever felt bogged down by too many emails? We know how it feels.

According to a study by McKinsey, an average knowledge worker spends 28% of her time on emails.

So how if an app can effect reduction in your communication volume so that you have to read lesser updates? Cool right?

So here's how COMTIFY does this for you:

1. 'Include me Not!'

if you could remove me from this email chain, that would be great!

Remember someone shouting in a mail thread 'Please don't include me the next mail onwards!'?

We used to do the same, until recently. But we got a break.  

Use Leave this thread / Unfollow option in COMTIFY to smoothly get out of a thread. 

how to leave a thread in comtify

Once you unfollow a thread, that thread disappears from your interface instantly; leaving you with a subset of more important ones to deal with.

2. 'Including John'

You must have wondered something while reading or sending reply-all emails of the type 'Including Michael' or 'Adding Usha into the thread'. If I guess it right, it must have been a sensation of pity (or remorse, in case you sent it!) and of a hope that one day all the guys in 'cc' wouldn't get annoyed by such emails? In fact:

Emails sent / received just to include more people in email chains can comprise upto a quarter of your total email volume

Try COMTIFY's threads - they solve this problem hands down.

Just drag-drop users from app's right panel into the threads to include them, without disturbing anyone anymore!

drag-drop users in to and cc


3. Ever Expanding Emails

Number of recipients in an email chain always keeps increasing and it never reduces - have you ever noticed this? 

No matter whether the currently discussed issue has graduated to become entirely different than the issue with which the thread got started, people keep getting added to make that mail chain a full-fledged monster gobbling up everyone's time. 

email thread members why u no reduce?


Simply crossout the recipients no longer needed in threads. In fact, anybody can set the sharing right for a thread, to match it with the discussed issue. So while people keep getting added to threads, some keep leaving them too!

4. Repeated Communication, Effort Duplication

Presently, I assume, you must be discussing an issue first on email.

Once the discussion is final, you create an entry in your bug tracking tool or task management system so that it could be lined up for execution, while the same issue is also being discussed in disparate chats, simultaneously.

Just to recall, we have tabs in COMTIFY which serve different roles:

meaning of tabs in comtify

In COMTIFY, you discuss issues first on threads (in Threads tab) - which, kind of, blur the difference between emails and chats. 

Once the execution is imminent, you drag the same thread into Tasks tab and assign it to the executor.

how to drag and drop threads from one tab to the other in comtify

So eventually everything related to a particular issue lies in the same thread - which just changes its form (interface) from tab to tab. Again, reducing your need to communicate as you find everything at one place, totally searchable on the go.

5. Segregation into tabs

You can put COMTIFY's tabs to their full use according to the role you work in. So if you look closely, you can put them to best use according to your profile. 

For example, if you are an executor, you can fully focus on Tasks tab and start working on issues that keep falling into it (and of course, assigned to you). So leaving out on threads in other two tabs might actually work for you!

Similarly, if you're a C-level exec and your role does not require you to be involved at an execution level, you might want to ignore Tasks tab and mostly use the other two tabs for getting things done. 


a line for you


Agreed, the above list of points isn't an exhaustive one and there might be more ways in which this tool reduces your communication volume.

What, you found one? Great! Do share it in comments below.


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