10 ways by which COMTIFY helps you get your Priorities Right

 Last Updated: August 19, 2016

 August 19, 2016


Starve your distractions and focus


Before building COMTIFY, we had certain problems in mind and COMTIFY is so far perfect in solving those out for us.

We faced a lot of problems with standard email and collaboration tools, one of which was focus.

So here's a list of 10 things which we inherently built within this tool, to help you keep a lazer-sharp focus on the important:

1. Thread Priority

Threads fall from top in COMTIFY.

Now if you closely observe, they follow a priority inbox logic. This means that the list of threads you see in any view is already prioritized on the basis of hashtags.

Following is the default order of priority:

hashtag priority in comtify - priority inbox logic


This means unread threads will be visible on top, without fail.

In case a thread contains both #unread and #to (for instance), it will still fall in the top segment as #unread will take preference over #to

This basically assumes that the threads visible at the top will be in your radar most of the time. So it automatically throws the most-probably-important threads to the top. 

2. 'To' v/s 'cc'

By corollary, the above sorting order also means that you will get to see all 'To' threads above 'cc' threads. You would agree to the fact that the threads in which you are marked in 'To' are more important for you than the ones in which you are in 'cc', right?

to above cc in comtify

Now spare the wondering that your existing email client should have done that, but it doesn't (we thought that too!).

On the top of that, there are two different hashtags - #to and #cc. So you can focus on each one of them separately depending on your own convenience.

3. Public Tags

COMTIFY has Hashtags, which is a group of threads. 

You can use them in various ways to help you stay focused. 

For example, you can create public or private hashtags like #lifeline, #urgent, #experiments - our method to keep the team focused. You can also create #urgent and #important if you follow Stephen Covey's method of prioritization. 

4. Tabbing

Tabs, by design, let you focus according to your role.

tabbing in comtify

Let's understand this in detail.

Let's take an example of where we used to work (say, ZYZ Inc.). First, a discussion used to happen over emails regarding an idea stage issue until decision of its execution was taken. Once it was decided that 'this is to be done', a bug used to be created in a separate bug tracking tool / task management tool. At the same time, there were users sharing knowledge in a separate enterprise social network, while the same issue was also being discussed on disparate chats.


Now the issue gets discussed in Threads tab, rather than on Emails. Knowledge sharing happens in Shares tab.

how tabbing or tabs works in comtify

Now when it is decided that 'this is to be done', we drag-drop that thread or share into the Tasks tab (instead of using the complicated bug tracking tool and entering the description all over again):

making a task out of a discussion thread by drag and drop

So if you are a decision-maker or creator of tasks (say, a C-level exec.), Threads tab becomes the most important for you. If you are an executor (say, an engineer), Tasks tab is the most important tab for you. Similarly, if you are into research, you spend much of your time in the Shares tab. So depending on your profile, tabs sort your work out and set your priorities.

5. 'Leave this thread'

Bogged down by threads in which users are posting too many messages? Just leave such threads (using the option in wrench menu) and that thread will instantly disappear from your view.

how to leave a thread in comtify

This does solve a big problem.

6. Custom Task Priority

Drag-drop priority in tasks - you can drag-drop tasks to set your own priority.

custom drag-drop sort priority for tasks in comtify

Now even if you don't want to set manual priority, we set it for you as by default. So Tasks tab also follows the priority inbox logic as described in point number (1), above. Note that when you drag, the priority inbox logic is disturbed and the system changes to drag-drop priority (only for that particular hashtag).

7. #privatetags

Suppose you want to look at the issues created / posted by your boss, first thing. Create a private tag #boss and look at it first, as soon as it turns unread! Don't worry, your boss can't actually see it as this is a private tag.

Segregate issues in this way and get your priority straight.

8. #time

Drag-drop #time on a thread (to set a timestamp) and archive it.

Now just forget about it and leave it to us for reminding you as that time comes closer; and focus on other things that need your attention.

meeting scheduling, due date setting ridiculously easy in comtify

9. #pinned

Lets you stick threads on top which you want to see all the time. Remember the thread sorting order described in point number (1)? Yes, the same priority let's you see #pinned threads just below #unread threads, always.

10. #archive

You can use #archive to archive threads, which also helps in setting your priorities right. Now the thread can be in #archive for you, but in #inbox for others. Basically, for each person (included in that thread), the thread lies either in #inbox OR #archive depending on their choice.  

Here's how you can apply #archive:

applying archives - both public and private

Want your team NOT to focus on an issue? Apply #archive to it publicly. This way, the thread goes from #inbox to #archive for all the people included in that thread. A non-silent update (subtle text) is posted in the thread when this happens saying: "Thread marked as complete, archived for all.

Want yourself to NOT focus on an issue, use private archive which will only archive the thread for you and not for others. So for others, the thread will keep showing up in #inbox.




Looking at the above, we can proudly claim to help you in setting your priorities right. Agree? Disagree? Do share your views in comments. 

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